Sustainable Cannabis Packaging

19 Aug, 2021 - by | Sustainability

Cannabis and the environment go together like earth day and a solar-powered vegan food truck. In the beginning, it was the humble “dime bag,” but as cannabis grows increasingly legal, the demand is skyrocketing. While packaging regulations and options have become less eco-friendly, there is a push within the industry toward more sustainable, recycled packaging.

The Industry and the Environment

With all the research showing how beneficial cannabis can be for the environment, it’s unfortunate that some aspects of the industry dampen the positive strides that have been made. That’s where sustainable cannabis packaging comes in.

It’s becoming increasingly important to be aware of how our choices contribute to the industry’s impact on the environment. Plastic and other harmful pollutants have left a giant human footprint that will be challenging to fix.

While sustainability used to be a sort of “fringe” cause of eco-warriors, it has become one of the most critical social justice issues that we face in the United States and worldwide.

The Changing Landscape

While cannabis brands use their packaging to communicate their brand message and appeal to potential customers, its main purpose is to maintain the enclosed product’s quality. State regulations often require that cannabis packages be child-resistant and resealable, limiting the types of eco-kind packaging used. Because of this, the cannabis industry has become another contributor to the plastic waste issue. According to the EPA, containers and packaging makeup about 30% of total community solid waste.

Eco packaging techniques aim to decrease energy use during production and reduce potential harmful impacts on the environment. Many brands have taken small strides toward eco-kindness and sustainability in their business practices, but there is still a long way to go. While “going green” is growing in popularity, few businesses have truly prioritized eco-packaging standards.¬†

Although it’s proven that sustainability positively affects a company’s profits across sectors, “green” packaging is still somewhat of a niche market. It is more important than ever for companies to figure out new ways to package their cannabis without compromising the ground it grows out of.


Compared to materials like plastic and styrofoam, cannabis brands are getting creative and utilizing packaging made from recyclable and biodegradable materials. Alternative options, like using recycled ocean plastic, show that a more sustainable future for the cannabis packaging industry is here.

Going green and keeping sustainability at the forefront can be critical to a profitable venture. Being eco-kind only makes sense when selling a product with bright green leaves that happen to be one of the most remarkable healing agents known to humankind.

Interest surrounding green packaging is long overdue, and thanks to sweeping cannabis legalization, it has seen a much-needed revival. Cannabis brands can go green and protect the environment while still ensuring high product quality.

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