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24 Nov, 2021Tinctures

Whether you're a bean enthusiast, bud enthusiast, or both, there is no doubt that the culture and craftsmanship surrounding coffee and cannabis are very similar. 

Studies in 2019 proved that coffee binds to the same endocannabinoid receptors in the brain as cannabis and revealed that mixing the two can prolong the effects of cannabis in an individual, providing more prolonged pain relief and extended periods of euphoria.

To honor the relationship between these two plants, we teamed up with the roasters at Dark Moon Coffee to create a next-level tincture that combines the rich flavors of espresso with the natural relaxation of cannabis.


About Dark Moon 

Dark Moon Coffee Roasters is a family-owned and operated business based in Henderson, N.V., created from the passion of roasting coffee and striving to make the next cup of coffee better than the last. 

Attention to detail is the main priority at Dark Moon, whether in the design of their roaster/café location, the beans they source, or the machines that roast each coffee to bring it to its full potential. 

All Dark Moon beans are sample roasted and tested before being added to the menu, and all drinks are mindfully paired with ingredients designed to elevate your coffee experience. From crafting their own Madagascar vanilla bean and salted caramel syrups in-house to using the highest quality milk in Henderson, no steps are spared to ensure your coffee is the best it can be. 

Here’s what Kyle Porterfield, the Owner of Dark Moon Coffee had to say about the new partnership: 

“From first taking a tour of the City Trees facility I knew this collaboration would be great. Their dedication to quality and consistency pairs identical with ours. Something that was surprising to me was how similar both industries were, we even use similar techniques to achieve the end goal of having, respectively, some of the best tasting products out there.”

Kyle Porterfield


Chocolate Espresso Tincture

Dark Moon’s excellent quality, roasting processes, and commitment to Las Vegas made them the perfect partner to help us bring the Chocolate Espresso Tincture to life.

The City Trees x Dark Moon collaboration will come in a 750mg tincture bottle designed to hold and administer 60, 1ml servings (12.5m THC). One of the great benefits of tinctures is the potency. The price per mg of THC that you’ll get with one of our tinctures is better than any edible product, so there is no better choice in terms of value.

Extracted from the agave plant, the tincture has a honey-like consistency that makes it a great, healthy alternative to artificial sugars and sweeteners. It also provides a rich, bold espresso flavor. 

The coffee beans used in the tincture have been carefully sourced from La Finca Carolina farm in Ecuador, located 1400m above sea level in an extremely lush area with a lovely warm sunrise, creating the perfect conditions for growing coffee. The beans themselves are of the Sidra varietal, a hybrid combination of Red Bourbon and Typica beans that carry a sweet and acidic taste. 


How to Consume

There are a few different ways to consume cannabis tinctures, with all methods being discreet, easy, and convenient for any time use. 

However, the most popular and effective method is sublingual application, in which droplets of the tincture are absorbed under the tongue. For the best results, shake the bottle a bit first, then empty the contents of one full dropper under the tongue and wait about 10 seconds before swallowing. Enjoy the rich, bold flavor of espresso and chocolate while you wait for the desired effects to kick in! 

If you're not in a rush and would like to enjoy your tincture in a beverage, there are plenty of delicious pairings that can be made with our Chocolate Espresso Tincture. Our tinctures are agave-based, meaning they are water-soluble and can easily mix into the food or drink of your choice. 

Add a few drops to your Dark Moon cold brew to make a THC “double-shot”, or maybe even into a mocktail for some added boldness. We also recommend pairing this tincture with the ice cream flavor of your choice for a delicious mix of sweetness and savoriness. This can be done by making a cannabis-infused whipping cream, mixing the tincture with another topping, like a sauce, or simply adding it directly to the ice cream.

Keep in mind that the onset effects will be more similar to an edible and take longer to kick in since your body is working to digest both the tincture and the food.

For a more in-depth look at tinctures and how they’re best consumed, check out our complete guide to cannabis tinctures.


Get Your Bottle Today

Check out our shop to get your City Trees x Dark Moon Tincture, and be sure to visit the Dark Moon online shop to learn more about their incredible coffee products!

For additional info on the benefits of cannabis tinctures, check out our guide to the best tinctures in Nevada.

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