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Disposable Vape Pen - Sativa - Energy Blend - 500mg

City Trees Vape Pen Review: Real Energy and Bliss

March 14, 2019

By Bert Blaze

City Trees vapes overall deliver on their titles and provide good value. Energy gave energy and Bliss gave blissful, relaxing effects.

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Disposable Vapen Pen - Hybrid - Blue Dream - 500mg

Energy City Trees Disposable Vape Pen

August 10, 2020

Real Matty Smokes

I rated the City Trees Energy Vape Pen a 4.0, it was alright kind of light but it made me lazy hahaha… Thank you guys, I really appreciate every single one of you all. #Realsmokegang

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City Trees Live Resin Sugar – Excellent Taste and Strength Make This One Of The Best

March 16, 2021


Here we try out City Trees Live Resin Sugar, particularly the Disco Train strain. Although the strain is limited to a batch of 1,000, we do expect their other live resin sugars to be great.

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