What is refillable cannabis oil?

Cannabis oil refills are sterile glass applicators that hold fully activated cannabis oil, typically a gram or half a gram.

What are cannabis oil refills used for?

Cannabis oil refills can be used to refill cartridges, infuse your favorite treat, or for dabbing directly.

How do I use the refill applicator?

Our cannabis oil refills come in an easy-to-use glass applicator with markings to help you measure specific amounts. Simply use the syringe to inject the cannabis oil into an empty cartridge, your favorite food, or directly into a dab rig.

Buy Cannabis Oil Refills in Nevada

Our cannabis oil refills come in a variety of strains and are available in dispensaries across Nevada. Click the button below to shop our selection at a dispensary, or visit our Find Us page to find City Trees refills near you.

Keep out of reach of children.
For use only by adults 21
years of age and older.