What are the benefits of cannabis distillate cartridges?

Cannabis cartridges offer many of the same benefits as disposable cannabis vapes, but you’re able to refill and swap out different flavors and strains by simply replacing the cartridge on top of your vape battery.

How do I use a cannabis vape cartridge?

If you’re using a cartridge, you’ll need to connect it to a battery ( a 510 threaded battery, to be precise). First, charge the battery using the provided USB port. Charging typically takes a couple of hours, and the batteries can hold a charge for a few days. Your battery light will likely turn green or blink when it’s ready to go.

Before connecting your distillate cartridge to your vape battery, remove the little rubber cap at the bottom. Gently screw the cartridge onto the battery clockwise, and keep the cartridge upright when possible to prevent any oil from seeping out.

Some models of vape batteries differ, but typically you need to press a button on the device to start heating before inhaling. Then, place your lips on the mouthpiece and draw for anywhere from three to five seconds.

Finally, exhale and wait a bit before taking another draw. We recommend that you start low and go slow to find the correct dose for you.

Buy Cannabis Distillate Cartridges in Nevada

Our cannabis distillate carts come in a variety of strains and are available in dispensaries across Nevada. Click the button below to shop our selection at a dispensary, or visit our Find Us page to find City Trees cartridges near you.

Keep out of reach of children.
For use only by adults 21
years of age and older.