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Benefits of Cannabis for Active Lifestyles

15 Jun, 2021 - by | Lifestyle

For years cannabis users have been wrongly pegged as lazy, unhealthy, and sedentary, a stereotype that could not be further from the truth. The reality is that many people who live active and healthy lifestyles consume cannabis daily, with many incorporating it into their routine as a fitness and health supplement. Cannabis has been shown […]


How to Use Cannabis for Muscle Recovery

08 Jun, 2021 - by City Trees | Lifestyle

Are you feeling a little sore after that long workout?  When those muscles start to cramp, you may think of grabbing a protein shake or an aspirin to help offset that pain. Still, many athletes are now utilizing cannabis as a supplement to help with muscle recovery and relaxation. For years cannabis has been associated […]


Edibles vs. Tinctures: Which is Right for Me?

25 May, 2021 - by | Consumption

Some cannabis consumers are turning away from the traditional methods of smoking and vaping to avoid the harshness of inhalation. If you’re looking to get the medical benefits of cannabis without smoking, tinctures and edibles are a great alternative.  Both of these consumption methods are convenient, discrete, and come with their own sets of pros […]


Medical Cannabis in New Mexico: Program Overview

25 May, 2021 - by City Trees | New Mexico

Navigating the process of getting a medical cannabis card can be daunting because of the many regulations set by the state. Thankfully, we’re here to help you with everything you need to know about the New Mexico cannabis program, from available products and qualifying conditions to your first dispensary visit.  Please click the image to […]


Hello New Mexico!

25 May, 2021 - by City Trees | New Mexico

The resounding success of our City Trees brand since its relaunch in September 2020 has allowed us to think bigger and better.  We are proud to announce City Trees’ collaborative venture with Herbal Edibles Inc., New Mexico’s original gourmet cannabis kitchen. This collaboration will be our introduction to New Mexico’s cannabis market, and we couldn’t […]


Cannabis & Allergy Relief

23 Mar, 2021 - by | Consumption

Is cannabis going to be the next best way to keep allergy symptoms at bay? Several properties of cannabis may be beneficial in relieving allergy symptoms, but don’t toss your Benadryl and Flonase yet, experts say.  Like other medicinal benefits of cannabis, there is not enough research on using cannabis as a form of allergy […]


How CBD and THC Work Together

15 Mar, 2021 - by | THC/CBD

The cannabis plant contains over 120 different Phytocannabinoids. Of these 120 different compounds, the two most researched and well-known are THC and CBD. CBD stands for the compound called Cannabidiol and THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol.  These two cannabinoids can be consumed separately or together. Although, recently, researchers have proposed the compounds in cannabis work together […]


How to Get Rid of Bloodshot Eyes

01 Mar, 2021 - by | Consumption

Red, bloodshot eyes – a common and well-known side effect of cannabis consumption. Bloodshot eyes from cannabis don’t pose any health risk, but they can be a problem if you’re trying to consume discreetly (bloodshot and glassy eyes can be a tell-tale sign that you’re high!) Luckily there are a few tricks of the trade […]


How Our Live Resin is Made (Video)

10 Feb, 2021 - by | Products

In this video, Director of Laboratory Operations, Dr. Dominick Monaco takes you on a tour of how hydrocarbon concentrates are made at City Trees.  We specialize in making terpene-rich live resin, which is produced from fresh frozen cannabis. Freezing freshly harvested cannabis preserves the aromatic compounds for a flavorful yet potent final product.  Our live […]

new disposable vapes

New Disposable Vapes

05 Feb, 2021 - by | New Products

Five new blends, five new ways to sustain your state. Find your flavor with our new disposable vape blends, available now at dispensaries across Nevada! The new additions to our lineup include: Mango Haze A Sativa-dominant blend that brings joy, creativity, and bright island fruits to the session – a vacation on the go.  LV […]


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