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Cannabis & Allergy Relief

23 Mar, 2021 - by | Consumption

Is cannabis going to be the next best way to keep allergy symptoms at bay? Several properties of cannabis may be beneficial in relieving allergy symptoms, but don’t toss your Benadryl and Flonase yet, experts say.  Like other medicinal benefits of cannabis, there is not enough research on using cannabis as a form of allergy […]


How CBD and THC Work Together

15 Mar, 2021 - by | THC/CBD

The cannabis plant contains over 120 different Phytocannabinoids. Of these 120 different compounds, the two most researched and well-known are THC and CBD. CBD stands for the compound called Cannabidiol and THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol.  These two cannabinoids can be consumed separately or together. Although, recently, researchers have proposed the compounds in cannabis work together […]


How to Get Rid of Bloodshot Eyes

01 Mar, 2021 - by | Consumption

Red, bloodshot eyes – a common and well-known side effect of cannabis consumption. Bloodshot eyes from cannabis don’t pose any health risk, but they can be a problem if you’re trying to consume discreetly (bloodshot and glassy eyes can be a tell-tale sign that you’re high!) Luckily there are a few tricks of the trade […]


How Our Live Resin is Made (Video)

10 Feb, 2021 - by | Products

In this video, Director of Laboratory Operations, Dr. Dominick Monaco takes you on a tour of how hydrocarbon concentrates are made at City Trees.  We specialize in making terpene-rich live resin, which is produced from fresh frozen cannabis. Freezing freshly harvested cannabis preserves the aromatic compounds for a flavorful yet potent final product.  Our live […]

new disposable vapes

New Disposable Vapes

05 Feb, 2021 - by | New Products

Five new blends, five new ways to sustain your state. Find your flavor with our new disposable vape blends, available now at dispensaries across Nevada! The new additions to our lineup include: Mango Haze A Sativa-dominant blend that brings joy, creativity, and bright island fruits to the session – a vacation on the go.  LV […]

new concentrates and tinctures

Our Concentrates & Tinctures (Video)

19 Jan, 2021 - by | New Products

At City Trees, we are constantly innovating to create the best cannabis products possible. This video gives a quick overview of our newest concentrates and tinctures.  Concentrates Our state of the art ethanol extraction system and robust hydrocarbon extraction equipment allows us to create craft concentrates and pure tinctures with clean, potent cannabinoids and rich […]


Consuming Cannabis to Boost Creativity

19 Jan, 2021 - by | Lifestyle

Claims about using cannabis to boost creativity are not new. Maybe you’ve heard your favorite artists credit cannabis to improving and stimulating their creative process, or you have firsthand experience of feeling a burst of creative energy following a smoke sesh. But among the rumors and anecdotes, there is research drawing a connection between creativity […]


Cannabis Vape Pens: Are They Safe and How to Choose a Brand

21 Dec, 2020 - by | Consumption

Vaping has grown in popularity as a consumption method for cannabis in recent years, mostly because it is convenient and discreet to consume just about anywhere you go. However, the debate about vape products’ safety has challenged the previously held belief that vaping is a safer alternative to smoking. What does the research say about […]


5 Cannabis Myths Debunked

21 Dec, 2020 - by | Lifestyle

If you are a seasoned cannabis consumer, you undoubtedly have heard your fair share of cannabis myths. Whether they’re about consumption, side effects, or legalization, there are several common misconceptions about cannabis. Below we have listed some of the most common cannabis myths and set the record straight once and for all. Myth #1: Strain […]


Back By Popular Demand

17 Dec, 2020 - by | Lifestyle

You spoke – we listened. We’re excited to bring some old friends back into the fold with the new City Trees treatment. Banana Kush and Relief (formerly known as Pain) have returned, even better than you knew them. Adding some tropical flair to our Indica line up, Banana Kush creates its relaxing goodness with a […]


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