Best Cannabis Strains for Hiking

22 Dec, 2021Fitness

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Combining cannabis with hiking is a great way to appreciate the beauty of nature, get in touch with your inner explorer, and escape the stress of your busy daily routine. Based in Nevada, near some of the country's best trails and parks, we consider ourselves extremely lucky to be able to blend our passion for creating boutique cannabis products with our love of the great outdoors. 

If you're looking to get some fresh air and enjoy your favorite City Trees products, we created a quick guide on the ins and outs of using cannabis for hiking!

Safety Tips

When incorporating cannabis into your hike, it's important to be considerate and respectful towards both yourself and others. Here are a few safety tips so you can get the most out of your experience.

Drink Water

As with any physical activity, hydrating before, during, and after your hike is the best way to avoid dehydration, muscle cramps, and cotton-mouth. Also, keep in mind that elevation can enhance the effects of dehydration, so make sure to bring enough water if you plan on tackling any hills. 

Be Discreet and Respectful

Even though adult-use cannabis is legal in Nevada and many other states, you still should be mindful of the laws surrounding the plant when going out for a hike. If you're concerned about the legalities of smoking while on the trail, play it safe and enjoy your favorite strains before you leave the house. This is also a great way to reduce the risk of wildfires by keeping any flammable material at home. 

It's also a good idea to be respectful of other people enjoying the trail and those who may not want to smell cannabis smoke while they're out enjoying nature. Remember: hiking trails are made for everyone to enjoy, not just you. 

Don't Over-do It

Using cannabis while on a hike is not about smoking a bunch of joints the entire time and getting insanely stoned. Instead, take a couple of puffs of your favorite strain or a smaller dose of tincture so you can stay alert, energized, and aware of your surroundings. If you end up overdoing it and getting too high, you may accidentally stray off the trail and get lost. 

Overall, it's important to know your relationship with cannabis and your limits for how much you can take. Start with a familiar strain and a familiar trail the first few times you go out, and work your way up from there. 


Cannabis Blends

Our unique blends are carefully crafted to help you achieve various effects, moods, and states of relaxation. For hiking enthusiasts looking to enjoy cannabis while they're out and about, we recommend our Energy and Calm blends. 

Energy Blend

With light notes of citrus and pine from limonene and pinene, this uplifting mixture will deliver a focused burst of sustained motivation without the crash. Perfect for before or during a hike, this blend will provide an energetic high without any brain fog!

Calm Blend

Consuming cannabis after your hike is also a great way to relax, as well as relieve muscle inflammation and soreness. Our calm blend has a balanced 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD designed to relieve anxiety and pain without reintroducing terpenes or increasing psychoactivity. Proceeds from this blend are also contributed to our Trees for Trees initiative as a donation to the Arbor Day Foundation. 


Mango Haze

Find joy and creativity with this Sativa-dominant blend that brings bright island fruits to the session. A great option for going out for a hike on a hot, sunny day! This strain is one of our favorites, and it contains bright, flavorful terpenes like pinene and limonene. 

Jack Herer

Our take on a cannabis classic, Jack Herer, delivers focused creativity and a cerebral buzz alongside its nostalgic, bright Sativa flavor. Available for purchase as a portable vape pen or distillate cartridge. 


Gas, grass, and heavy herbal notes dominate this cerebral Sativa that any seasoned smoker will fall in love with. Our homage to diesels, OGs, and everything in between! Gasolina can be purchased as a distillate cartridge or dab oil. 

Bottom Line

If you're looking for the best cannabis strains for hiking or any other outdoor activity, our team at City Trees can help. Check out our online to see our full range of products available near you!  
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