5 Cannabis Myths Debunked

21 Dec, 2020Entertainment

cannabis myths

If you are a seasoned cannabis consumer, you undoubtedly have heard your fair share of cannabis myths. Whether they’re about consumption, side effects, or legalization, there are several common misconceptions about cannabis. Below we have listed some of the most common cannabis myths and set the record straight once and for all.

Myth #1: Strain type dictates what effects you will feel.

Myths about what dictates the distinctive characteristics of cannabis strains are rampant. While it is true that Indica strains typically provide more sedative effects and Sativa strains are more energizing, most commercial cannabis products are some hybrid. This means that the individualized effects you feel from each strain can be attributed to the terpene profile rather than solely the strain type.

Myth #2: Smoking is the only way to consume cannabis.

This misconception is a lot more prevalent among new cannabis consumers or those who have never tried cannabis before. Those who do not like to smoke or vape can still partake and enjoy the benefits of cannabis. Tinctures and edibles are a smoke-free way to consume THC, and they’re perfect for no-stress dosing. Topical cannabis products can be especially helpful for medical cannabis patients suffering from chronic pain.

Myth #3: Cannabis is much stronger than it was in the 60s and 70s.

This is another myth that is not entirely false but can be misleading if you take it at face value. Cultivators have indeed been able to selectively breed cannabis strains with higher THC amounts than what was most commonly found decades ago. However, the legal cannabis market has also expanded the variety of cannabis products and potencies. Every cannabis consumer can find a product with an appropriate cannabinoid potency for them. While some cannabis consumers search for the most potent products available, every individual consumer will have their preferences and tolerances.

Myth #4: Holding in a hit for longer will make you higher.

This is one that you’ve probably heard from a few of your sesh buddies — that you should try to hold in your hit as long as possible so that your body absorbs the most amount of THC it can. Unfortunately, this is just another misconception about cannabis. In reality, you absorb most of the THC from your hit seconds after inhaling.

Now is when you might be thinking, but wait: I feel higher when I hold in my hit for a long time! This is partially true — most people feel higher when they hold in their toke for longer, but this has nothing to do with THC. What you are feeling is the effects of holding your breath and depleting oxygen to your brain. The tingly feeling in your head does make you feel like you took an excellent hit, but you probably did not absorb any more cannabinoids than you usually would have.

Myth #5: You can get high(er) from residual THC in stems.

Some savvy cannabis consumers are looking to get the absolute most bud for their buck, and use seeds, stems, and other things meant to have residual THC in them to get higher. Seeds and stems, bong water, and joint roaches have all been rumored to enhance the effects of cannabis. Unfortunately, most of these don’t contain any residual cannabinoids, or not enough to make much of a difference in your experience. Others can be detrimental to your health, specifically anything involving bong water. Standing bong water begins to accumulate bacteria after just one hour, and so ingesting bong water in any way can put you at risk for getting sick.

There are countless myths about cannabis floating around that can be misleading if you’re unfamiliar with the science of cannabis and your body. Being informed about cannabis is the best way to maximize its benefits and enjoy yourself, so it’s important to dispel these misconceptions and spread the facts!

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