How to Get Rid of Bloodshot Eyes

01 Mar, 2021 - by | Consumption

Red, bloodshot eyes – a common and well-known side effect of cannabis consumption. Bloodshot eyes from cannabis don’t pose any health risk, but they can be a problem if you’re trying to consume discreetly (bloodshot and glassy eyes can be a tell-tale sign that you’re high!) Luckily there are a few tricks of the trade that can help you combat this effect.

Why Does Cannabis Make Your Eyes Red?

Contrary to popular belief, it is the cannabinoids in cannabis that contribute to red, bloodshot eyes and not irritation from smoke. This is why several different consumption methods, even edibles, can result in red eyes. Consuming THC lowers your blood pressure and causes your capillaries and blood vessels to dilate. The dilation of your ocular capillaries (the ones in your eyes) increases blood flow to your eyes and causes them to appear red. While red eyes may be annoying and cause mild dryness, no immediate health risks stem from red eyes due to smoking. However, there are several ways to subdue the appearance of bloodshot eyes.

Use Eye Drops

This one may seem obvious, but keeping eye drops on hand during a sesh is the most effective way to get rid of bloodshot eyes after the fact. Eye drops can also help alleviate some eye dryness or discomfort. Opt for eye drops specifically formulated to reduce the appearance of red eyes for best results. Redness-reducing eye drops are easily found over the counter in any pharmacy, but higher strength drops are available online. Rohto eye drops are a favorite among cannabis consumers for their maximum strength relief.

Stay Hydrated 

If eye dryness and discomfort are your primary concern, then staying hydrated during your sesh is a must. Drinking plenty of water before, during, and after smoking can lessen the potential of eye irritation.

Choose Strains Lower in THC

It’s the THC in cannabis and not the act of smoking that causes you to have bloodshot or dry eyes — therefore, strains higher in THC are more likely to cause bloodshot eyes and to a higher degree. If red, bloodshot eyes are a concern for you, then going for strains lower in THC is an excellent way to prevent this.

Ultimately, bloodshot eyes are just a fact of life for some cannabis consumers, and sometimes there isn’t much to do but wait for them to subside. There is no medical reasoning behind trying to conceal or alleviate red eyes from smoking. If you are especially prone to this side effect of cannabis use, simply choosing to enjoy cannabis at home or in relaxed scenarios may be the best option for discreet use.

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