How Our Live Resin is Made (Video)

10 Feb, 2021 - by | Products

In this video, Director of Laboratory Operations, Dr. Dominick Monaco takes you on a tour of how hydrocarbon concentrates are made at City Trees. 

We specialize in making terpene-rich live resin, which is produced from fresh frozen cannabis. Freezing freshly harvested cannabis preserves the aromatic compounds for a flavorful yet potent final product. 

Our live resin process starts in our walk-in freezer that is kept at -25 degrees Celsius. The frozen cannabis is then extracted using our state of the art hydrocarbon extraction equipment. By using a combination of butane and propane, we pull out only the terpenes and cannabinoids that we want from our flower. 

After we extract the cannabis, we move the fresh concentrate to our vacuum purging ovens. Purging the concentrates removes any excess solvents, leaving only the desired compounds. At this point, we can start to craft our concentrate varieties, which include shatter, batter, and sauce.

Shatter is poured into slabs before purging to create a glass-like consistency. Batter is whipped to create a light homogeneous texture, and sauce is produced by letting pressure build in the vessel during the purging process. This helps to separate the liquid terpene layer and the crystalized cannabinoid layer on the bottom. As you can see in the video, our Banana Breath Sauce has both THCA diamonds and a pool of liquid terpenes.

All of our extracts are thoroughly tested to ensure that there are no excess solvents or harmful compounds present in our products. We never compromise on quality and only release products that we are proud to put the City Trees name on. If you are interested in learning more about our live resin products, check out our blog post about our collaboration with State Flower to create the delicious Wedding Cake Live Batter.

We hope you enjoyed learning about our process and that you get a chance to try our City Trees concentrates very soon.

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