Using Cannabis for Mindful Meditation

18 Mar, 2022Medical Conditions

Meditating can be challenging for those who struggle to acknowledge surfacing thoughts and let them go. If you have difficulties letting go of interfering thoughts, you should consider incorporating cannabis into your meditation routine. One of the most significant benefits of cannabis is its knack for focusing the mind when you combine it with meditation techniques.

Our guide below makes it easier for you to learn simple meditation techniques that you can adapt to your daily wellness regimen. If you dedicate your mindfulness and cannabis consumption with perseverance and patience, you can easily become a full-blown relaxation expert.


Why Does Meditation Matter?

Negative thoughts, including overthinking, are unproductive and unhealthy habits, just as procrastination and nail-biting are. These habits may create a high level of stress that can result in anxiety or depression that adversely affects your mental and physical health.

If you are prone to negative thinking, you could try to replace negative thoughts with desirable, mindful, and peaceful reflections. This can help to stop negative, anxiety-inducing thoughts in their tracks, especially if you can identify them right when they start.

Why Does Cannabis Matter?

We all would love to better ourselves by replacing negative thoughts with desirable, mindful, and peaceful thoughts, but it can be easier said than done. How do you achieve such stillness when it is challenging to relax the mind? 

Cannabis is a great tool that can help you navigate this complicated process. Our brains have numerous cannabinoid receptors in sections that influence our moods, thoughts, and behavior. Cannabinoids in cannabis products stimulate receptors in our endocannabinoidal systems, resulting in euphoric, relaxing effects that are desirable and influence positive thoughts.

Know Your Ideal Strain

Some people experience an increase in anxiety when they consume certain strains of cannabis with varying terpene profiles and cannabinoid content. Therefore, you should find the ideal strain that works perfectly for you. What works for me may not work for you, and vice versa.

You should only embark on your meditative journey after finding the ideal strain and terpene profile for you on a personal basis. Additionally, you should explore different meditation techniques with different cannabis products. From body mindfulness to deep breathing to gazing meditation, there are multiple paths of meditation that help you relax your mind.

You should focus on enhancing your mental (and physical) health by embracing meditation and cannabis to harness the healing power of a clear and peaceful mind.

Deep Breathing Exercises with Cannabis

Deep breathing is the foundation of meditation. When you control your breath, you can control not only your thoughts but also the most volatile emotions you have. Deep breathing is the simplest way to help you take charge of your runaway mind.

To capitalize on meditative euphoria, you should consume an uplifting strain of cannabis.

How to Use Cannabis with Deep Breathing

Step One: Choose a comfortable sitting (meditating) position. Ideally, your chest should be upright, and your back should be straight. You should then close your eyes while relaxing your shoulders, relieving your body of any tension.

Step Two: While you are in this relaxed state, you should observe your breath. Afterward, take long, measured, and deep breaths through your nose.

Step Three: Slowly exhale fully out. Make comfortable pauses in between breathing in and breathing out.

Step Four: Repeat the routine/pattern.

Step Five: While breathing in and out, let your thoughts fully focus on your breath, allowing your mind to clear gradually.


Gazing Meditation with Cannabis

Gazing meditation aims to promote mental clarity, sharpen your focus, and improve concentration as you fix your eyes on an object. Settling your eyes on the fixed object enables you to dismiss wandering thoughts as well as thinking patterns. Accordingly, gazing meditation clears a path for your mind to be calm and clear.

You can choose any fixed object; however, we recommend that you use something that is soothing to observe, like a mandala, ripples in a water body, or a candle flame.

You can upgrade your gazing meditation technique by using a focus-promoting strain or terpene dominant profile like terpinolene or pinene to invigorate your mind while maintaining full-body tranquility and mental clarity.

How to Gaze Meditate with Cannabis

Step One: Choose your soothing object and get a comfortable sitting (meditating) position.

Step Two: While the object is in clear sight, let your focus settle on it, and try to focus your attention back on the object when your mind starts to wander.

Step Three: Don't strain your gaze, but allow your attention to focus entirely on your object. While gazing, gently allow your breathing to deepen, soften, and move gradually towards watching your object without contextualizing it.

Step Four: Gaze at your object until your mind is still.

Pairing Body Mindfulness with Cannabis

This meditation method is best suited for those who have problems sitting still or relaxing. Body mindfulness helps you focus your attention on your body as you scan every part to observe the areas that hold tension. When you discover the tense areas in your body, mindfully allow them to relax. By embracing this inward focus, you allow your mind to relieve aggravating thoughts.

A heavy indica or myrcene prevalent terpene profile can help such a calm meditative routine as it enables your mind to open a deep sense of alleviation. Before starting meditation, consider picking up a knock-out strain for full-body relaxation. These form a perfect pair for complete mindfulness meditative comfort.

How to Use Cannabis with Body Mindfulness

Step One: Lie flat on your back. You should find a comfortable surface like a yoga mat or bed. Let your arms rest at your sides, turning your palms up and curling your fingers naturally. Let your legs relax, falling your feet outward.

Step Two: Let your mind inspect every part of your body and relieve any tension it finds. You can begin from your feet, ankles, and toes. Move upwards until you inspect your jaws and all the muscles in your face, and allow them to relax fully.

Step Three: While you relax your body, ensure that you also relax your breathing. You can relax your breathing by undertaking long, deep inhales, followed by long, slow exhales. After completing your scan, your entire body will be relaxed. You should continue lying flat while focusing on your inward body, allowing your mind to relax, achieving clarity and stillness.

Getting Started

Meditation provides undisputable stress-busting benefits, and cannabis has demonstrated serious potential to improve your meditation routine and result. Since you now know how to use them together, take a hit, relax, and meditate.

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