Cannabis and Tattooing: Everything You Need to Know

18 Aug, 2021Uncategorized

Over the last few decades, the stigma surrounding tattoos has changed drastically. A phenomenon that was once considered taboo often associated with criminals is now considered an art form that all members of society have come to appreciate. Similarly, the reputation of cannabis has also become increasingly more accepted, with many Americans now shedding their stereotypes to experience the medicinal benefits of the plant. 

More recently, both worlds have started to come together, as tattooers and those receiving them are beginning to see cannabis as an effective tool to prepare the mind and body before the appointment and heal the skin after receiving ink. 

Check out this guide on everything you need to know about cannabis for tattooing.


Tattoo Prep:

Whether it's your first time or you're a seasoned pro, cannabis can be a great supplement to help you get ready for your upcoming tattoo session. Here are a few tips on how to use cannabis for tattoo prep:

Reduce Tattoo Anxiety

One of the main medicinal components of cannabis is its ability to relax the body and ease anxiety. If you're nervous before getting tattooed or are experiencing anxiety leading up to the appointment, try consuming a strain containing higher amounts of CBD to feel calmer and worry-free.

Hydrate the Skin

It is essential that you are adequately hydrated before receiving a tattoo and that the skin is also moisturized enough to avoid irritation during the session. If you're looking for extra hydration with the benefits of cannabis, try a CBD-infused drink. Lotions and balms containing cannabis oil are also a great way to moisturize and reduce tension in the body leading up to your appointment. They often contain essential oils and vitamins that promote skin health. Just remember not to overdo it the day of your tattoo session, or the ink may not take to your skin as well. 

Proper Sleep and Nutrition

Getting a good night's sleep is also recommended before getting a tattoo so that you can feel refreshed for your appointment and prepared to sit patiently as a canvas for your artist. A lack of sleep can dehydrate the skin, which will make the needle feel much more painful. If you're struggling to get a healthy amount of sleep (7-9hrs), try using our Rest Blend Vape Pen. It's designed to relieve insomnia and anxiety, to help you get the rest you need before your appointment. 

Proper Nutrition is also another essential step in your pre-tattoo checklist. Many artists recommend having a full meal at least 1-2 hours before the session, with a balance of healthy protein and vegetables to keep your blood sugar high and energy up. For people who have issues stimulating their appetite, cannabis can be a huge help. Try adding a few drops of our Chocolate Agave THC Tincture to a drink, and you'll be feeling a spike in hunger.

Easing the Pain of a Tattoo

It's important to remember that you will feel some pain during your tattoo and that it's just a natural part of the experience. Consuming a strain high in CBD right before your session can help take your mind off the feeling of the needle and feel less anxious. If you feel comfortable, you may even be able to ask your artist if you can take quick breaks to vape during the appointment so that you can feel calm and less jittery during a long tattoo session. 

Our Calm Blend has a balanced 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD, designed to relieve anxiety and pain without increasing psychoactivity. 

Tattoo Healing and Maintenance

Tattoo aftercare is a vital part of the process and should not be taken lightly. After you receive your tattoo, you will find that there will be some pain as the damaged skin begins to heal itself. When it's time to remove your bandage, make sure you have clean hands and that you use a soap that is low in alcohol & has no fragrance to wash the tattoo. After a couple of days, when the tattoo starts to become dry and flaky, try using a cannabis-infused topical balm to reduce scabbing. 

Not only will these creams keep the skin moisturized, but they will also preserve the tattoo's color and speed up the healing process. We recommend following your artist's aftercare instructions to ensure that the tattoo heals correctly and maintains its vibrance.

Cannabis for Tattoo Artists

Cannabis is a great supplement to help ease the pain when receiving a tattoo, but it can also benefit the artists. Many tattooers deal with chronic pain issues, carpal tunnel syndrome, and even arthritis due to staying hunched over for an extended period, depriving the muscles in the back and shoulders of necessary nutrients and circulation. Operating a tattoo gun can also be extremely taxing and damaging to the body, with the constant vibrations damaging nerves, blood vessels, and capillaries in the hands and wrists. 

Rather than taking several over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen and aspirin throughout the day, many tattoo artists have begun to use cannabis, especially products high in CBD, to mitigate the muscle aches and soreness that comes after a long session or appointment. Studies have shown that the plant can relieve joint pain and inflammation and improve sleep for those who are unable to rest due to back and shoulder soreness.

For any tattoo artist dealing with chronic pain, CBD-infused topical creams are an excellent method to curb inflammation, as they can easily be applied directly on an inflamed joint or muscle! With no additional psychoactive effects, tattooers can feel comfortable using the product at the shop and applying it throughout the day as they work. 


Bottom Line

Before you incorporate cannabis into your tattoo prep and aftercare, be sure to talk to your artist about their recommendations. While many artists are cannabis-friendly, being too high or having extra products on your skin during the tattoo process can make their job more challenging, and every artist may recommend different aftercare for their work. Respect for your artist and making sure they are comfortable with your cannabis use before, during, or after the tattoo process should always be considered.
Our online store is full of great products that can help you throughout your tattoo journey. If you're interested in other ways to healthily incorporate cannabis into your daily routine, check out our blog on the benefits of Cannabis for Active Lifestyles!

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