Cannabis Distillate Products - Tincture, Concentrates, and Disposable Pens


02 Sep, 2020 - by | New Products

When we decided to relaunch the City Trees brand, we knew we wanted to commemorate the occasion with something big – something special that would get customers excited, but also something that would let the experts back in our labs show off the best that cannabis has to offer. When it comes to the best, we knew that live resin was the way to go. Enter: Disco Train – a custom cross of Mango Kush and Ghost Train Haze, strains selected for their delicate, yet pronounced tropical terpene profiles and uplifting effects. 

You’ll have to act fast if you want to board the Disco Train! This limited run of live resin products will be here for a good time, but not a long time. We sat down with Dr. Dominick Monaco to discuss the process that went into crafting this unique limited edition blend.

How can people find these products? 

We only produced 500 of each Disco Train product, and they are only available at Oasis Cannabis Dispensary, Planet 13, Zen Leaf, The Apothecarium, Thrive, Jardin, and SoL dispensaries in Nevada. Get it while you can! We are always looking for innovative new products to create, so keep an eye out for what we’ll do next if you miss this one!

What makes live resin special?

When creating live resin products, we use flowers that have been harvested from the plant and then immediately flash frozen, whereas cured products are made with flowers that have been dried and cured. Using fresh frozen cannabis preserves the highest level of terpenes, producing extracts that are more flavorful and similar in profile to the live plant. Live resin is more costly to produce, but we think it’s well worth it!

How did you select the strains for this blend?

Since we knew we wanted to make a live resin product, it was important that we selected high quality strains with terpene profiles that were complementary and highly desirable. Mango Kush has high levels of myrcene, while the terpinolene found in Ghost Train Haze is a classic sativa flavor. In tandem, these strains produce a delicate, yet robust flavor profile with tropical, fruity notes that are challenging to retain accurately, and incredible uplifting effects you expect from quality sativas. 

What options do people have for trying Disco Train?

Disco Train is available in a half gram sauce concentrate, a half gram distillate vape cartridge, and a live resin agave-based tincture. This is our first live resin  agave tincture, and also the first tincture of this kind on the market.

Keep out of reach of children.
For use only by adults 21
years of age and older.