The Best Outdoor Spots to Explore in Nevada with Cannabis

20 Oct, 2020Nevada

Whether you’re a resident or visiting from another state, you’ve probably gotten a chance to experience most of what Vegas has to offer. Something often overlooked is the beauty outside of the Las Vegas area. Hiking, trails, and state parks are something everyone should experience in Nevada, but there is something that would make that experience even better; a little bit of Nevada’s finest cannabis. 

Next time you’re out in nature, consider prepping with a little treat for yourself. Edibles, vapes, or a joint (in a legal setting, of course) before a hike can make it that much more adventurous.

Listed below are five of the best (and safest) outdoor spots we recommend exploring while enjoying cannabis.

Hiking The Fire Wave Trail, Valley Of Fire State Park (Las Vegas, Nevada) -  Flying High On Points

The Fire Wave Trail, Valley of Fire State Park

With a name like Valley of Fire, why would you not want to go there? Pictures can never truly do it justice, but this landscape will leave you absolutely breathless, and the great hiking trails are perfect for a few quick sessions along the way. 

The trails here aren’t super challenging, so it’s the perfect activity to try with friends. This trail is one of the more popular ones in Nevada, so be conscientious if you smoke beforehand, as you’ll be in contact with others looking to enjoy the incredible scenery. It’s very easy for stoners to spend all day here.  

Hiking Charleston Peak via Trail Canyon in Spring Mountains National  Recreation Area, Nevada

Mt. Charleston

Mt. Charleston is part of a mountain range that is located just a short drive away from Vegas. This hiking trail is mostly known for its elevated trails and rivers and is perfect for seeing one of the most breathtaking views in Nevada. After the summit, make sure to check out Mary Jane Falls (it’s actually called that) on the way down. The hike might be mildly challenging for some, but the views are worth it, whether you’re high or not. Be prepared; Mt. Charleston does get pretty packed on weekends, so if you’re planning on toking and going, you should probably save it for a weekday.

One Day in Cathedral Gorge State Park — The Vanimals

Cathedral Gorge State Park

Nestled about two and a half hours northeast of Las Vegas, this state park is well worth the drive. Not only is the scenery beautiful, but the drive to the park is an experience in itself. This park may be a little more challenging than the previous options on this list but it is perfect if you consider yourself an active hiker. 

Fly Geyser In Black Rock Desert: Nevada's Coolest Attraction

Fly Geyser 

Located about two hours north of Vegas, this park is a must-see. Not much hiking is involved with this spot, but it’s a beautiful thing to see with the geyser going off every few hours. The area that the geyser is located is owned by a non-profit organization, so appointments are necessary for admittance. It’s absolutely worth it, and an edible beforehand might make it even more magical.

Looking To Get Out Of Vegas? Visit Red Rock Canyon. « CardinaleWay Acura

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

With over 23 trails to choose from, this park has plenty to offer and less than half an hour from Vegas. Trails typically range from easy to challenging, so it’s perfect for both active and casual hikers. Red Rock has been noted to be poorly mapped, so pay close attention to where you are so you don’t end up lost in the desert. 

Make sure to bring water on this adventure as shade will be hard to find. Something to note, Red Rock Canyon is located on federal land, so please we advise you not to smoke on this trail. We want you to have fun so get blazed beforehand with some of your favorite cannabis products. Red Rock Canyon should be a ritual for everyone who plans on visiting Las Vegas.

Please if visiting Nevada, be safe and smart. We do not encourage public consumption and would rather you do it in a safe and legal setting. Don’t have your trip ruined over something like this.

Stay safe, and happy exploring!

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