Peach Ringz Strain Profile

27 Apr, 2022Strains

Peach Ringz, which descends from the elusive Peach OG lineage, is a cross between Marionberry Kush and Eddy OG. Peach Ringz is an indica dominant strain with a 60/40 ratio of indica to sativa. It's a heady strain containing ~20% THC with great relaxation qualities.

Also known as "Peach Rings" in some circles, Peach Ringz has spade-shaped nugs that are minty green with dark olive undertones. These nugs also have thin amber hairs with tiny white crystal trichomes that create a thick frosty coating. If you happen to crack open these buds, you'll be hit with strong floral notes accompanied by rich herbal undertones. You'll also notice a citrusy whiff with sweet earthiness.

The high brought on by Peach Ringz is super relaxing with a light cerebral lift that comes in tow with mild euphoria that is likely to boost your spirits.

This perfect night strain is ideal for an evening when you want to kick back and chill before drifting off. It also induces a relaxing body high, eventually ushering you into a deep, peaceful sleep. Here are some valuable tips on achieving a less lazy high with Peach Ringz!

As your body melts, you might notice symptoms of chronic pain, anxiety, and muscle tension easing away, allowing for a good night's rest.


Strain type

Peach Ringz is an indica dominant THC strain with a 60/40 indica to sativa ratio. Its THC content is typically between 19 and 21%.


This strain is a cross between Marionberry Kush X Eddy OG.

Terpene profile

Terpenes are the aromatic oils found in most herbs and fruits that give them their signature characteristics and aroma. Each terpene is unique and has different properties and benefits. The cannabis plant has both cannabinoids and terpenes that play an essential role in the effects of each strain.

The most abundant terpene in Peach Ringz is Limonene, which gives it its citrusy notes and helps absorb other terpenes and suppress the growth of fungi and bacteria.

Other terpenes contained in this strain are:

  • Linalool – This is the terpene that carries the calming and relaxing benefits Peach Ringz is so well known for. 
  • Caryophyllene – This terpene activates the endocannabinoid system as well as provides anti-inflammatory effects
  • Myrcene – This terpene is a potent analgesic with antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties with an earthy, musky smell.

 Positive effects

This strain is lauded for its positive effects that leave consumers feeling euphoric and relaxed both in body and mind. The body high that eventually lulls one to sleep makes it a suitable strain for evening use. Because its THC ratio is not too high, beginners can tolerate it well, making it a suitable strain for almost everyone. If you often have trouble relaxing and getting to sleep, this may just do wonders for you!

The positive effects of Peach Ringz can be summarized as:

  • Tasty
  • Relaxing
  • Uplifting
  • Sleep inducing
  • Euphoria
  • Body high

Adverse effects of Peach Ringz

Like most THC strains, Peach Ringz could have effects such as dryness of the mouth, increased perception of the senses, or even paranoia, especially if taken in excess.

Rare negative effects

In isolated instances, Peach Ringz may cause headaches and low blood pressure.

Benefits of Peach Ringz

Primarily, Peach Ringz is great for winding you down and giving you a night's rest you so deserve. Additionally, it's been said that the terpenes discussed above contribute significantly to the health benefits experienced by cannabis consumption. The core components of the strain work in tandem to produce an entourage effect, thus delivering relief from several conditions.

Careful dosing of Peach Ringz gives relief to conditions such as:

  • Body aches
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Arthritis
  • Anxiety
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Chronic Pain

You could also consume the seeds for both nutrition and fiber, which promote digestion as well as weight loss. 

Other useful information

Peach Ringz is considered to be easy to grow, with an outdoor yield of 18 oz/ plant and an indoor yield of 16 oz/ m2. It takes approximately 53-63 days to produce buds that are minty green in color and dense with trichomes. The plant grows to a maximum height of 80 inches, which means you need to allow ample space for it to thrive if you are growing it indoors.

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