Blend Spotlight: Energy

07 Dec, 2020 - by | Blends

The Energy blend is one of City Trees’ classic concentrate blends. This blend provides overall uplifting effects reminiscent of a true sativa with a boost of mental alertness and focus. Energy by City Trees is available in both a disposable vape pen and refillable vape cartridge.

Disposable Vape Pen - Sativa - Energy Blend - 500mg


Energy’s effects are predominantly energizing and uplifting, making it an excellent choice for daytime use. This blend also provides mood-boosting and focusing effects perfect for helping you get through the afternoon slump.

Terpene and Flavor Profile

  • α-Pinene
  • β-Pinene
  • Limonene

Energy features a balanced blend of both α-Pinene and β-Pinene. These terpenes contribute the piney element to Energy’s flavor profile, and they can help combat anxiety so you can power through your day. Pinene has also been shown to combat some of the short-term memory loss effects that are sometimes associated with THC.

Energy’s pinene blend is paired with limonene, a classic sativa terpene that provides uplifting and energizing effects. Like pinene, limonene also has anti-anxiety effects. The pinene and limonene dominant terpenes blend a sweet, citrusy, and piney flavor profile.
Energy is one of City Trees’ classic blends, and it’s no secret why — its unique terpene blend provides classic sativa effects while still combatting anxiety. Visit our menu for more information on where to find this blend, either in a disposable vape pen, classic vape cartridge, or a refill.

Keep out of reach of children.
For use only by adults 21
years of age and older.