Month: April 2022

Peach Ringz Strain Profile

27 Apr, 2022 - by | Strain Profiles

Peach Ringz, which descends from the elusive Peach OG lineage, is a cross between Marionberry Kush and Eddy OG. Peach Ringz is an indica dominant strain with a 60/40 ratio of indica to sativa. It’s a heady strain containing ~20% THC with great relaxation qualities. Also known as “Peach Rings” in some circles, Peach Ringz […]


New Mexico Cannabis Card Renewal Guide

27 Apr, 2022 - by | New Mexico

Do you reside in New Mexico? There’s good news all around for cannabis users. In April 2022, New Mexico legalized the adult use of cannabis. Residents can now enjoy both medical and adult-use cannabis without fearing contravening state laws.  So, why would you still need a medical cannabis card in light of adult-use legalization? Renewing […]


How Do Terpenes Affect Your High? The Ensemble (or Entourage) Effect

27 Apr, 2022 - by | Consumption

When searching for a strain to get specific desired effects, people often focus on indica or sativa. However, the cannabis plant contains over 100 unique cannabinoids and around 400 known terpenes, which also play a role in strains’ effects, taste, smell, and overall appeal. Terpenes are naturally-occurring components of many plants found in nature. Terpenes […]


Distillate vs RSO: What’s the Difference?

27 Apr, 2022 - by | Consumption, THC/CBD

The distinction between distillate and RSO can be elusive, especially if tackled from the point of use. For some people, these seem to be one and the same; however, that cannot be further from the truth. There is a clear distinction between distillate and RSO, and the two terms cannot be used interchangeably. Follow along […]


Team Spotlight – Alex Falk

06 Apr, 2022 - by | Team Spotlight

Welcome to our team spotlight series, where we’ll sit down with the people who make City Trees great to learn about their background, why they love the cannabis industry, and some fun facts. Let’s get started! Alex Falk is the Field Marketing Manager at City Trees. He is responsible for event executions and ensuring that […]


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