Month: December 2021

5 Reasons Locally-Owned Dispensaries Can Go Toe-to-Toe with MSOs

23 Dec, 2021 - by Andrew Glashow | Uncategorized

Retail giants don’t have to leave you shaking in your boots. One of the most worrisome trends for small cannabis retailers is that large multi-state operators (MSOs) are acquiring dispensary licenses from smaller businesses, bringing the big-box retailer mentality to cannabis—along with the capital and resources that come with such entities.  The state of affairs […]


How to Achieve a Less Lazy High

22 Dec, 2021 - by | Uncategorized

We’re all familiar with the stereotype of the lazy couch potato stoner, but is there actually any truth to cannabis’ reputation for making people more lethargic?  Studies on the plant have delivered mixed conclusions, with some academics arguing that cannabis has a temporary effect on motivation and others touting cannabis’ ability to increase overall enjoyment […]

woman hiking with mountains in the background at sunrise

Best Cannabis Strains for Hiking

22 Dec, 2021 - by | Lifestyle

Combining cannabis with hiking is a great way to appreciate the beauty of nature, get in touch with your inner explorer, and escape the stress of your busy daily routine. Based in Nevada, near some of the country’s best trails and parks, we consider ourselves extremely lucky to be able to blend our passion for […]

chef plating infused food prepared with cannabis tinctures

How to Cook with Tinctures

06 Dec, 2021 - by | Consumption, Food

Cannabis and food go hand in hand. While most of us have had experience with the classic “pot brownie,” the rapid growth of the adult-use marijuana industry over the last ten years has enabled entrepreneurs and inventors to create new and exciting ways to combine cannabis and cooking. Last year, history was made with the […]


Team Spotlight – Kym Stephenson

01 Dec, 2021 - by | Team Spotlight

Welcome to our team spotlight series, where we’ll sit down with the people who make City Trees great to learn about their background, why they love the cannabis industry, and some fun facts. Let’s get started! I am the fulfillment manager for City Trees. I manage a group of distributors and packaging techs that take […]


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