Month: August 2021

Cannabis for Yoga

26 Aug, 2021 - by | Lifestyle

As the popularity of cannabis increases across the country, many health and fitness enthusiasts are beginning to recognize the plant’s potential as a medicinal supplement and incorporate the plant into their daily wellness routine. In yoga, some instructors have started to integrate cannabis into their lessons to help facilitate relaxation and expand the mind and […]


Sustainable Cannabis Packaging

19 Aug, 2021 - by | Sustainability

Cannabis and the environment go together like earth day and a solar-powered vegan food truck. In the beginning, it was the humble “dime bag,” but as cannabis grows increasingly legal, the demand is skyrocketing. While packaging regulations and options have become less eco-friendly, there is a push within the industry toward more sustainable, recycled packaging. […]


How to Use Cannabis for Tension Headaches

18 Aug, 2021 - by | Pain Management

Headaches come in many shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a slight pain that pops up after a stressful afternoon or a chronic issue that happens daily, it can have a significant effect on our mood, productivity, and overall health.  Searching for alternative methods to common over-the-counter medication, many doctors have begun to recommend the use […]


Do Edibles Affect Your Cardio?

18 Aug, 2021 - by | Food, Lifestyle

As adult-use legalization continues to spread across the country, more and more people have begun discussing the medicinal uses of THC and CBD products, specifically for fitness and recovery. Shown to alleviate pain, reduce muscle fatigue, and decrease inflammation, it’s no surprise that athletes have started turning to cannabis as a replacement for prescription pain […]


Cannabis and Tattooing: Everything You Need to Know

18 Aug, 2021 - by | Lifestyle

Over the last few decades, the stigma surrounding tattoos has changed drastically. A phenomenon that was once considered taboo often associated with criminals is now considered an art form that all members of society have come to appreciate. Similarly, the reputation of cannabis has also become increasingly more accepted, with many Americans now shedding their […]


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